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With years of hard work and community service under her belt, Kimberly is asking for your help to join her because it is time in Moving Montebello Forward. 

This election is about the future of our Community! Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne embodies the bold, energetic, vibrant leadership that is the signature of Montebello!


Pledge to Montebello's Residents

As your City Council Member, I PLEDGE TO:

·       BRING CREDIBILITY BACK TO COUNCILMEMBERS- We’ve lost trust in current council, that’s why we voted down Measure S and the Sale of Our Water Company! I will be that leader you can trust and hold accountable in a partnership with one another! 

·       STOP CARELESS SPENDING -Due to Careless spending like: Frivolousclaim settlements given to Council Friends and Associates without lawsuits or any legal reason.

·        STOP NO BID CONTRACTS- Competitive Bidding would save millions for more Police, Firefighters and City Services.

This is Your Campaign too, To Take Back Our  City Together!

As long as we have dedicated and caring residents, to be a strong united voice and calling for change, We Can Together! This Election is about the Future of Our Community! 

Bring Credibility Back to Councilmembers 

Bringing TRUST BACK- We’ve lost trust in current leaders, I will be that leader you can trust and hold accountable, in a partnership with one another!

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Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne for Council 2018 #1409015
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